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    Department of Agriculture |
    Department of Agriculture
    The Department of Agriculture at the Hebron Municipality office is responsible for these duties:
    1- Follow-up services for trees and cultivated plants. It is important to see all the requirements are met such as: irrigation, fertilization, pruning, and daily plowing. There are usually a percentage of losses as a result of general weather conditions but they are not technical problems such as negligence or lack of tools and materials.
    2- Help a number of government schools and some public institutions who are interested in agricultural artifacts to preserve what is implanted or to grow new plants at the expense of the Municipality or its own account.
    3- Cutting and refining of trees, especially before and after the winter as needed.
    4- Cultivation of a number of plants in public sites.
    5- Cultivation of a large number of plants and trees in the Municipality facilities such as the Korean Center and Tari bin Ziyad Center.

    6- Cutting and trimming trees that hinder the work of electric towers and companies. 

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