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    Department of Survey Engineering |
    Department of Survey Engineering
    Survey Engineering is the study of the spatial dimensions and geographical locations of the engineering designs by using different hardware and software.
    This is the most important section in the Engineering department of the Hebron Municipality office. The department's functions allow the Municipality to process space schemes necessary to begin the design and implementation of Municipality projects of buildings, roads, water networks and sewage systems.
    The objectives of the Survey Engineering section in the department include:
    1- To study the municipality real estate and land allocated for the construction of schools.
    2- To create road designs.
    3- To implement the projects in a proper fashion so that citizens do not object to the new projects.
    4- To observe the certification and auditing schemes like emissions.
    5- To check the space schemes submitted to the Municipality office to obtain a building permit and set s on the streets and building lines.
    6- To follow-up on the various municipal projects and supervision; to know how much space is used in these operations.

    7- To instruct the territory of the municipality projects, calculate quantities and how to supervise them.  

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