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    Department of Environmental Health and Solid Waste |
    Department of Environmental Health and Solid Waste

    The Department of Environmental Health and Solid Waste is one of the largest departments in the Hebron municipality in terms of number of employees and number of machines. The department is able to implement their work dynamically and efficiently. The most important duties in the section include:

    1- Collection and transport of the waste and bringing it to a landfill.
    2- Prevention of any harmful things that may adversely affect public health such as insects, rats and stray dogs.
    3- Monitoring environmental damages and abuses related to public health and infringement on the general appearance of the city and its follow-up according to the law.
    The objectives of the department are:
    1-    To maintain the environmental situation of the city of Hebron and to protect the health of its citizens.
    2-    To maintain the aesthetic appeal and good appearance of the city.
    3-    To develop the role of the community in the work of preserving the environment and cleanliness of the city.
    4-    To increase community awareness about the importance of the work of the department and its vitality.
    5-    To strengthen the role of the Hebron Municipality office in preserving the environment at the local and national level.
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