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    Department of Water

    Water is one of the important elements present in the world today. It is necessary, indispensable and the secret to life. It is of an enormous vitality and absolutely priceless. Water in Palestine is a valuable commodity, where no daily or economic activity can be carried out without having adequate water, so the water resource is one of the important variables in the growth and development of the country. In the city of Hebron, groundwater is one of the main sources for survival.

    Since the primary objective of the Hebron Municipality office is to provide services to its citizens in various fields, the overall objective of the department is to provide water for the city's residents in the right quantity and quality.
    In order to achieve these goals, the Municipality has worked hard in several fields to provide new water sources and to continue its claim of the national Palestinian Water Authority to increase the amount of water to the city of Hebron. In general, there is a shortage of water sources in Palestine.
    The department hopes to develop a network of water sources through the comprehensive plan for water and follow-up water quality, in accordance to the greater Strategic plan for the Hebron Municipality office.
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