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    Pottery |

    Pottery is one of the important traditional crafts in Palestine and especially important in Hebron. The pottery trade is associated with the development of humans since it provided the community with many tools used in people's daily lives such as dishes and cups.

    Through archaeological excavations in Hebron and different areas of Palestine, a lot of pieces of pottery dating back to thousands of years were found. It confirms the precedence of the pottery craft and links it to the beginning of the emergence of communities.
    Pottery fell recently due to the development of industries which replaced the craft with modern products. Despite this, it has remained one of the most beautiful traditional crafts favored by a lot of people in Hebron and visitors to the city.
    This craft is still present in the city, especially from the family members of Al-Fakhouri. This family name has been historically associated with the pottery craft in the Arabic language.
    The evolution of pottery helped to create multiple shapes and products. It has become one of the traditional crafts which tourists enjoy watching its process.
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