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    Department of Sanitation

    The Department of Sanitation in Hebron works on the management, operation and maintenance of the sewerage network and to ensure the highest level of quality and care for the comfort of its citizens. It also aims to reduce the size of the hassle and the damage for citizens in emergency situations and to ensure rapid intervention with emergency treatment.

    The sewerage network in the city of Hebron is one of the longest sewage networks in the nation with a length of 180 km network and thus the coverage indicator is 0.9 meters per citizen. It is one of the highest indicators in Palestine and provides 85% coverage.
    The objectives of the department are:
    1- To follow-up the expansion of the sewerage network so that it is in line with the urban sprawl and population growth.
    2- To follow-up with the day-to-day maintenance of the sewerage network and using specialized equipment and vehicles.
    3- To be responsible for the management, maintenance and operation of pumping stations. The city has seven wastewater pumping stations.
    4-To ensure the provision of sanitation services are within the highest level of quality possible.
    5- To maintain and to monitor the rainwater drainage system.
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