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    Department of Administrative Services |
    Department of Administrative Services
    The Administrative Services department in the Hebron Municipality office is the central place and the first reference to various municipal departments and administrative affairs.
    It is responsible for many sections such as public administration, human resources, courts, checks, the municipality library, archives, security, and reporters. It is working hard with various departments to improve the work processes used to complete transactions accurately and rapidly.
    The Administrative Services Department is responsible for arranging the meetings of the Municipality council and everything related to recording the formulation of decisions, its internal notes, implementation process and its follow up. The department is responsible for the conversion of the departments that are concerned and must complete the procedures for the projects.
    The objectives of the Administrative Service department are:
    1- To apply high-level policy and regulations in the Hebron Municipality office.
    2- To provide a stimulating environment for employees to develop their skills and competencies.
    3- To raise the level of efficiency of the administrative department employees by involving them in specialized training courses.
    4- To electronically archive all documents and files so that it is accessible when it is needed.
    5- To satisfy the public so that services are provided efficiently and effectively.
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