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    Newcastle Municipality Delegation Visit Hebron Municipality |
    Newcastle Municipality Delegation Visit Hebron Municipality

     The necessity of getting a first-hand view of Hebron's Reality on the ground and The interest of promoting cooperation between both municipalities were among the issues discussed by Dr. Daoud Zatari and Nigel Todd Municipal Council Member of Newcastle. Councilor Todd was accompanied by Elizabeth Alero Dudley a Member of UK Parliament. The meeting was also attended by Hebron's Municipal Council.

    After welcoming the delegation, Dr. Zatari expressed his happiness for the delegation's visit to Hebron , spoke about the City's history and political condition, services provided to the locals by Hebron Municipality, "  Israeli Occupation prevents Hebron Municipality from implementing development projects and violating Old City inhabitants which go against all international treaties and laws that call for the freedom of movement and worship ", he added, touching on the closing down of Al Shuhada Street and the unjust division of Al Ibrahimi Mosque.
    Mayor Zatari discussed the issue of water crisis which was the main suffering for the locals due to Israel’s control of Palestinian natural resources, mentioned the huge material losses resulted from weather episode lastly hit Palestine, he also spoke about  achievements of a great and highly skilled team of Hebron Municipality that was capable of implementing plans and responding rapidly to urgent instructions and  stressing that the Old City faced many obstacles through the weather episode due to Occupation which prevented the Municipal staff to provide citizens by needed services.
    Moreover, Dr. Zatari called both Municipalities of Newcastle  and Hebron to build cooperation and promote ties to ensure  achieving the public interest through exchanging expertise and implementing joint projects.
    Councilor Todd then expressed his soreness and sympathies for Old City inhabitants due to Israeli Occupation's measures and practices, lauded the role played by Hebron Municipality in promoting the locals' steadfastness. " I am a quite impressed of Hebron Municipality  high skilled management  to deal with Occupation's crisis than any other municipality, and am so keen for a further cooperation in fields that serve the public interest with Hebron Municipality" he said.
    Thereafter, symbolic gifts were exchanged between both delegations.   
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